China is today the main source of almost all kinds of manufactured goods in the entire world ! Almost every hotelier, big or small, especially project hotels are increasingly visiting China on sourcing mission . Most of the buyers are first time visitors to China and often end up buying wrong quality goods at wrong prices from wrong sources !

Let us understand why customers end up normally with not-so-happy China experience. ( in some cases very bad unpleasant experiences burning their fingers ! )

  • Lack of time to gather correct information
  • Inability to reach or identify right sources
  • Too much or too little information resulting in confusion
  • Wrong costings , high overheads/addons
  • Impulse buying without understanding cost/benefit analysis
  • No understanding of Chinese businesses & local culture
  • Lack of systematic , professional approach
  • No import experience
  • Incorrect guidance of wrong agents/overseas friends/ contacts

Our Featured Services


Star Hotel Supplies will work closely with you to prepare your hotel for opening. We can advise you on the type of items to use based on your budget, to ensure you get the best quality for the money you spend. We ensure that all products are ordered and delivered in time for your opening to ensure a smooth and professional first impression.


Our talented design team can create a new design for your goods. We can also produce products with your own brand.


We can act as your procuring partner and procure quality items for you at a competitive price ¨C the right products, worry-free.


Our direct sourcing ensures that you get the best price as we negotiate directly with the manufacturer on your behalf.


Our toiletries manufacturers meet Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines set down in Europe and the US and we visit them regularly to ensure that the highest standards are met.


We provide high quality sophisticated products, delivered to your door hassle free. Our distinct advantage is that all shipping requirements are taken care of by our expert team. Our international  shipping is fast and efficient, requiring minimal input from your side. We take care of all the customs, paper work and clearing for your convenience, leaving you to focus on what you do best.

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